We deliver quality packaging equipment right around Australia


Vexel is committed to providing responsible packaging options for our clients. For over a decade, Vexel has designed packaging that uses less material while delivering increased performance properties.

Our commitment is reinforced by establishing a purpose-built Eco-Plastics manufacturing facility based in Malaysia. The joint venture includes Thorn Environmental (Ireland), and Respack Manufacturing (Malaysia) and aims to consistently innovate across six sustainability options; Bio-Degradable, Compostable, Bio-based, Recycled, Lower carbon Footprint & Degradable.

Why choose Vexel

Here at Vexel, we pride ourselves on service. We understand that packaging is a small but essential part for businesses throughout Australia, from small startups to large multi-nationals Vexel will have the products and knowledge to help you Strap, Wrap & Cover any product. Off the shelf or custom made, Vexel will have the solution to help your business succeed!