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Recycled Plastics

Definition: Material that has been used by the consumer and have subsequently been recycled to produce a new product.

Recycled materials are viable and valuable input for manufacturers like Vexel who are working to reduce the environmental impacts of their packaging. These materials generally have a lower carbon footprint than virgin materials. Increasing the use of recycled materials contributes to the development of a more robust recycling infrastructure. With higher demand for recycled material, recyclers can confidently invest in increased capacity when there is a reliable and financially viable end-market for their product. 

Manufacturers of glass and aluminium packaging have claimed their materials are “infinitely recyclable.” At the same time, they describe how plastic polymer chains degrade during the recycling process, which limits the number of times they can be successfully recycled. While the polymer claim is theoretically accurate, this is not an issue today. 

It’s proven that plastics can be recycled successfully multiple times. 

Post & Pre-consumer recycled plastics

In many uses, recycled plastics mixed with virgin plastics helps to maintain the performance and quality of the finished packaging product.

While it is theoretically possible to recycle metals and glass “infinitely,” this is not happening in reality. At today’s rates of recycling and recycled content use, aluminium (70% collection, 70% recycled content) is recycled 2.4 times on average. Glass, with a U.S. recycling rate of 30% and “up to” 30% recycled content, is recycled an average of 1.3 times. 

  • Recycling plastics conserves energy and natural resources.
  • Recycling plastics saves landfill space.
  • Recycled resins can reduce prices and improve your bottom line.

The quality of the resin used influences the physical properties and thus, the performance of the final product. High-quality recycled resins will perform consistently, while inferior materials that have not been tested increase the chances of performance fluctuation. Our recycled resins from reliable sources or we use our own in-house wastes to offer our customers the double advantage of consistent quality and price reduction.

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