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Bio-based Materials

Definition: Bio-based materials are derived from renewable resources, which can include corn or sugar cane.

From fossil fuel-based materials, there is a negative carbon footprint from every step along the way. Biopolymer’s mitigates the impacts of global warming. Fossil fuel-based PE CO2 emission is 4.57kg CO2/kg PE; however, Bio-based polyethylene emits only 1.35kg CO2/kg of PE. this is a 70% reduction of CO2 emission per kg. 

What differentiates this product made from sugarcane from fossil-based products is the use of renewable feedstock, which is derived from the biogenic carbon found in the green polyethylene that is captured during the sugarcane development phase.

We believe this category will continue to grow as our customers seek alternatives to conventional fossil fuel-based resins. Packages made from bio-based resins are proven to be viable alternatives to traditional resins.

Additionally, switching from conventional to bio-based materials does not impact a package’s recyclability, since both the conventional and bio-based resins behave the same way in the recycling process. 

Vexel offers bio-based resins from responsibly sourced renewable materials for a wide range of packaging applications. 

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